Paintless Repair Dent Repair Tools

PDR, also known as Paintless Dent Repair Tools, describes a method for removing smaller dents from car bodies. As long as the paint surface is intact, the paint free dent repair can be used to repair all kinds of damage. Both aluminum and steel plates can be repaired with paintless dent repair tools.

The most common practical use of paintless dent repair tools is the repair of hail damage, door bite, small crease, large dent and body line damage.

The method can also be used to prepare damaged panels for repainting by minimizing the use of body filler. The technology is now known as "push coating" .

The limiting factors for successful repair with paintless dent repair include the flexibility of the paint (most refined automotive coatings today can achieve successful PDR) and the extent to which the metal is damaged and stretched, depending on the thickness of the paint film. Metal, curvature or flatness of damage, and impact strength. Generally speaking, the shallower the dent, the more likely it is to be repaired. Dents several inches in diameter can be repaired even with this method as long as the metal and paint are not stretched. Shallow large dents or creases can be repaired to an acceptable level, but very sharp dents and creases may not be suitable for the repair of unpainted dents.


Post time: Jun-25-2021