Technology of Paintless Repair Dent Repair Tools

 Broad prospects:In the United States, Japan, Korea and other developed countries, advanced Paintless Dent Repair technology has been adopted. The traditional sheet metal repair process is simplified by using the technology of no paint sag repair, and the paint baking environment is eliminated. The requirements for the site, equipment and environment are greatly reduced, and the cost of repairing automobile sag is reduced.

Compared with traditional sheet metal repair, the technology of Paintless Dent Repair has low requirements on site and equipment, less investment, quick effect and can meet the higher requirements and expectations of domestic owners for automobile repair. It is expected to be popularized in the country in the next few years, and the market prospect is very broad!

Market advantage:

1. There is no need for sheet metal, putty, painting and other processes, which is harmless to human body and environment.

2. Safe operation, no need to use any mechanical and heat source.

3. It is not affected by the venue and environment

4. It is feasible for anyone without any education or professional knowledge.

5. As long as the operation is proper, it will receive a big return.

6. The equipment is made of imported carbon free manganese steel, which has the characteristics of large elasticity, strong hardness, CNC finishing and high finish.



Post time: Jun-18-2021